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This code was released as part of the following publication; please cite it upon use.

ATR and mTOR regulate nuclear actin polymerization to alter nuclear architecture and promote replication stress repair
Noa Lamm, Mark N. Read, Max Nobis, David Van Ly, Scott G. Page, V. Pragathi Masamsetti, Paul Timpson, Maté Biro and Anthony J. Cesare

Custom Matlab code for performing nuclear registration with Imaris XT (Bitplane AG) is available in the following file: NucleusReg.m
The code is released under the GNU general public license (v3), a copy of which can be accessed in the file: gpl-3.0.txt

Custom Python code for generating the sliding window MSD analysis is available via GitHub:
Maté Biro,
12 Aug 2020, 23:04
Maté Biro,
12 Aug 2020, 23:10